A Brief History


 Loril has always had a deep love and respect for the traditional Celtic Music of her heritage -  music that extends from the medieval era to the present day. 

Although she is fluent in many styles of music, including classical and contemporary, it's the wild and haunting Celtic songs that speak to her heart.  

Selected favourite performances include the pre-show for Ashley MacIsaac and the Barra MacNeils at the Kincardine Scottish Festival, the Hamilton Music Awards Celtic Showcase, Bell 100th Anniversary Gala at The Sanderson Centre and the Toronto Winterfolk Roots Festival.     


Loril’s performances emphasize the Celtic harp’s power and strength as well as its gentle side as she chooses her music from many eras.  She currently performs solo harp (and in ensemble), playing public and private venues in Canada and the US. 


Although she studied classical music at the Royal Conservatory, Loril loved playing the more untamed, improvisational traditional songs of the Celtic countries (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, Isle of Man).  She plays several instruments, including keyboard, harpsichord, krumhorn, recorder and trombone. 

Loril is also no stranger to the theatre. She has performed with comedy troupes on stage and radio as well as being a musician/actor for improvisational theatre.